Direct Investment in Qualified Multifamily Assets

Investors who bring cash equity to the acquisition of a property will become Limited Partners in the single-purpose, property-specific LLC that purchases the asset.

As such, our equity partners enjoy a share of the cash flow produced by the property, as well as realize a commensurate return upon refinance or sale.

Strong legal structures protect our partners (and ourselves) from liabilities associated with owning a residential property.

Our number one obligation in every deal is to protect our partners’ investments and interests; our reputation and indeed the very existence of our business depends on it. Both the return of your initial investment and a satisfactory return ON your investment is the goal and the measure of our success.

Cash flow drives value… and value positions the property for the maximum profitable exit for our investors.

Kings Glen Apartments

Our latest acquisition on Atlanta’s hot west side, minutes walk from the Beltline.

36 Units

C Class with value-adds

All brick buildings

Kings Glen
Our latest Acquisition